Through the partners and stakeholders network, in order to develop solutions based on emerging technologies in the strategic sectors identified and in the context of the services referred to in this Catalog, the CTE provides companies with access to assets such as infrastructures and devices technology, laboratories and platforms, together with technical support for their use, where necessary.


Startups, SMEs, business ideas not yet established as a company

Kind of access:

On request

involved partners:

TIM, University of Turin, 5T, Links Foundation and CSI


In order to access assets, you must have joined a service.



5G SIM to use TIM’s commercial 5G mobile network to access all normal Internet services. In addition, with these SIMs, it is possible to access through TIM’s edge solution the applications configured by the experimenters on the CTE MEC (the MEC platform is not accessible from normal commercial SIMs).

On request
Only with Service


5G Devices

5G devices (smartphones and CPE/routers) through which users/experimenters can use the services of the 5G infrastructure set by CTE. The devices can be used with SIM cards provided by CTE or with SIM cards oof their own.

On request
Only with Service


Edge computing platform

Edge computing platform (ENSCONCE), on which applicant enterprises can install
their MEC applications. CTE NEXT provides Internet connectivity for the MEC
node in question, for the possible connection to third-party internet or cloud services, necessary for
applications developed and installed on the platform. The MEC platform is accessible
exclusively via 5G SIMs provided by CTE.

On request
Only with Service


Yucca Platform

Yucca platform, is a data hub for collection, organization and governance-of-information through integration services and functions, metadating, security policies, exploration and access to information assets. The technological platform allows you to collect, selectively share, process in real time and expose via API the data of the Internet of Thing, social networks (Internet of People) and those produced by online application systems. Requesting companies are offered the chance of having a workspace in which, through the features made available by the front end of the platform, it is possible to configure smart objects and streams for the acquisition of IoT data, upload and download CSV files, and access data through API.

On request
Only with Service


IOT CONnectivity Platform (ICON)

Cloud-based and modular platform, which manages in a unified way the authentication and policy features, data security and different network connectivity interfacing, favoring their exposure. On the platform, through the NBIoT network, the data produced by devices/sensors of the companies equipped with the SIMs provided by the CTE are collected, made available and exportable through appropriate APIs.

On request
Only with Service


Cellular IoT & Blockchain

Technology aimed at certifying the source of data generated by distributed IoT networks thanks to an ICON-blockchain platform, complementary to the IoT ICON platform described in the previous service. The blockchain certification and writing service is compatible with any blockchain chosen by the company that benefits from the service.

On request
Only with Service


UTMBOX Devices

Devices to apply on board drones and equipped with cellular connectivity, which will allow you to view the flying drones’ main data, their position, height, speed, route or define areas of operations within which to stay, alarm, etc … The service is used through a web interface where the experimenter can manage the Pilot/Operator registry, create their own flight areas and supervise the tracking of their aircraft.

On request
Only with Service


High Performance Computing Resources

Access to high-performance cloud-edge services for AI research and innovation (at HPC4AI-CC laboratories), standard according to the IaaS model based on mediumGPU* offering and advanced according to the PaaS / SaaS model based on largeGPU**, with Jupyter-as-a-Service (HPC enabled co-lab for AI) and OpenDeepHealth (secure multi-tenant k8s-as-a-service).


*Medium GPU: Max 12 VMs using an aggregate of 8 T4 (or 4 V100) GPUs, 96 VCPUs, 192 GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 1TB HD, 2 IPs, unlimited networking
**Large GPU: Max 18 VMs using an aggregate of 14 T4 (or 7 V100) GPUs, 216 VCPUs, 384 GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 5TB HD, 2 IPs, unlimited networking.

On request
Only with Service


Data on city mobility flows

Data on city mobility flows, including real-time traffic data (traffic, parking, traffic-resticted zones, etc.), DATEX2 traffic events (closures, construction sites, etc.) in real-time, real-time public transport stop arrival forecast, real-time video streams, underpass monitoring.

On request
Only with Service

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