Experimentation support

The support services for the innovative solutions experimentation in real conditions provide for infrastructures, systems, networks and local skills to validate the functionality, performance and integration capacity of the designed solutions “on the field” (Torino City Lab blueprint).


Startups, SMEs

Kind of access:

Open Call

involved partners:

Municipality of Turin, Fondazione Torino Wireless, Politecnico di Torino and Università di Torino, Fondazione Links, CIM 4.0, CSI Piemonte, 5T and TIM


Urban Testing Program

The Urban Testing Program is promoted by the Municipality of Turin on the blueprint of Torino City Lab . The aim is to support companies interested in co-developing and experimenting innovative solutions in real conditions (with TRL greater than or equal to 6) that use 5G and one or more of the emerging technologies (Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain) and prove its validity in response to urban challenges defined by the CTE and deep-rooted in one or more strategic fields (Smart Road, UAM, 4.0 Industry, Innovative Urban Services).

The companies selected through the Call4Testing can benefit from a direct contribution from the Municipality of Turin, by way of co-funding the testing activity, and of support services provided by the CTE partners. For each beneficiary there will be:

  • the support for the use case definition, with the technical-scientific, managerial and strategic advice of the CTE partners, prompted by emerging technologies and the application areas linked to the suggested experimentation;
  • the testing and activities monitoring;
  • the assessment of post-intervention scenarios, in terms of expected impacts, sustainability elements (environmental, economic and social) and the analysis of the reiterability of the solution in other contexts and / or application areas;
  • involvement in activation, communication, marketing and scaling up activities also at an international level. The proposals will also be assisted in connection activities with the reference community as well as in the communication activities, again in the CTE NEXT sphere as well as in the broader framework of Torino City Lab;
  • facilitation, support and follow-up by the Municipality within the limits of its competences and the applied regulations, in form of authorization and procedures activation.

In addition, selected entities may apply for:

  • assets access made available by CTE NEXT, for their needed and relevant functions ( Go to the Asset page );
  • workspaces and / or spaces for events linked to the developed activities display in the CTE NEXT context and / or for the display of demo solutions developed as part of the experimentation (spaces to be established, depending on the purpose and subject to availability, among those made available by CTE NEXT at CSI Next, Talent Garden – Fondazione Agnelli and OGR Tech – Go to the Spaces page );
  • access to other spaces of the CTE NEXT, i.e. laboratories and stress test areas (spaces to be established, depending on the purpose and subject to availability).
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