CTE Next | The Project

A widespread and shared project for technological development

The project, launched on the 1st March, 2021 and lasting four years, will accelerate startups and technology share of SMEs thanks to the close cooperation with the Turin universities and further strategic partners – picked out of the Torino City Lab pool of relevant and competent partners.

The Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti's goals

With the “Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti” (in English “House of the Emerging Technologies”) that is CTE NEXT we want to turn Turin into a widespread technology transfer center based on strategically-chosen, newly-found technologies for the Turin area: intelligent mobility, 4.0 industry and cutting-edge urban services. The development of all 5G connectivity implementations such as IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain will also be paramount.

CTE Next will andTorino City Lab will complement each other and will be a further and fundamental building block in the vision of a Turin that can switch back to its main levers of development: business and manufacturing.
Gazing into the future and pivoting the change that is already taking place.

The strategic development areas of CTE Next

The City pinpointed 4 vertical and strategic areas for development and innovation which will be the foundation of CTE Next's goals and of its services in support of businesses:

Smart Road

Innovative solutions for the an advanced, safe and intelligent mobility development: connected vehicles, V2X Vehicle-to-everything communications, integration with mobility scenarios, autonomous driving algorithms.

Urban Air Mobility

Innovative solutions for the use of aerial platforms to support sustainable and safe mobility of goods and people, from monitoring and control applications to their integration as means of transport.

4.0 Industry

Innovative solutions to connect machines, objects, resources and people in the production environment and along the company’s supply chain, to improve effectiveness and efficiency in production and in the supplier-customer relationship.

Innovative Urban Services

Innovative solutions for the Public Administration: provision of services, resources and public goods and spaces management, territorial enhancement and business development thanks to the collaboration between the public and private sectors.


Frequently asked questions about CTE Next

CTE NEXT’s headquarters are within the workspace of CSI Piemonte, in Unione Sovietica avenue, 216. But the sphere of CTE Next extends over the whole city: from the competence center for the new manufacturing CIM 4.0 in the Mirafiori area, to the Dora Lab in the northern city, and along the Po river. This will be carried out thanks to an aexperimentation area installation with innovative and open-air technologies that will exploit a complex system of state-of-the-art sensors.

The City of Turin is the project flagship. CTE Next, however, is the result of a local and considerable teamwork thanks to the contribution of research field istitutions (Polytechnic of Turin, University of Turin, Links Foundation and CIM 4.0), technological partners ( CSI Piemonte, TIM; 5T; Fondazione Torino Wireless) and companies that deal with local development (the incubators I3P and 2i3T, Talent Garden and Digital Magics).

Within the next four years, CTE NEXT’s goal is to involve an ecosystem of over 3000 stakeholders including institutions, companies and citizens. It will back about 400 companies including SMEs, startups and aspiring entrepreneurs towards innovation paths and, moreover, aims to provide 120 companies with training courses thanks to the partnership with universities and research centers.

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