The training and info-ducation services aim to convey digital transformation processes knowledge and skills for businesses, from knowledge acquisition, to the internal skills training to design and manage solutions based on CTE technologies and fields of applications, highlighting the opportunities offered by emerging technologies and, finally, in support of organizational, management and production development and the enhancement of the linked R&I


Startups, SMEs, business ideas not yet established as a company

Kind of access:

On request, Open Call

involved partners:

University and Politecnico of Turin, Links Foundation, CIM 4.0 and Talent Garden


Info-ducation workshop

In-training workshops aimed at conveying digital world knowledge in 5 main areas – marketing, design, coding, data and business – following a pragmatic and business oriented approach, with the use of case and project work and with the involvement of participants. Among the topics: business model canvas, design thinking, digital transformation and tools, data driven strategy, agile for DT, change management, growth hacking, analytics & automation, lean marketing, lean mkt, content and business strategy, storytelling.

On request


Multidisciplinary training courses

Multidisciplinary training courses, also customized for diversified incoming skills and outgoing training objectives, aimed at developing new professional positions capable of tackling complex scenarios from a technological point of view but with particular attention to synergistic integration with transversal skills. The training activities include: “vertical” training contents on emerging technologies; “horizontal” training contents for economic-managerial development, juridical, sociological, psychological, ergonomic skills…; “training on the job” activities.

On request


Certified advanced training courses

Certified advanced training courses (academy) designed for technical area and business divisions manager with the aim of training people capable of guiding and managing digital transformation and the related processes re-engineering, with a focus on industrial and manufacturing companies. The training activities include an initial step in which a multidisciplinary approach to convey the ecosystem context, a gap recovery step (or zeroing of the technological skills gap) and a step of systemic skills development and project work to put the acquired skills into practice and solve real problems proposed by companies.

On request


Training courses for individual companies

Training courses for individual companies (learning hub), aimed at increasing technological competence in a progressive way – from awareness with introductory courses, to applied specialization with advanced courses or complete “tailored” paths, in relation to technologies for the digitization of the Company and additive manufacturing, on topics such as: predictive maintenance, data science, WCM, additive manufacturing, tools and practices for digital transformation, cybersecurity, AR-VR-XReality.

On request


Online training courses (masters)

Full-immersion online master courses (6 weekends) on CTE NEXT related topics to upskill your professional skillset, with a pragmatic and business oriented approach, the use of case and project work and the active involvement of participants through the most innovative “learn-by-doing” methods. There will be 60 hours of live sessions, 30 hours of individual study, 15 hours of project work review, 15 hours of late night. Among the available masters: Business data analysis, Business data science foundamentals, Digital transformation, Digital HR, Digital, Product Management, Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing Essentials, Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing, Content Design & Creation, UI Design.

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